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pre-conditioned air service cart
pre-conditioned air service cart
  • pre-conditioned air service cart

Pre-conditioned air service cart

1. With wide range application, and resistance to salt spray corrosion in salt spray atmosphere, the unit can work normally under the working environment -40 ~ 50 ℃, relative humidity 95% ~ 99%, 4000m altitude, rainstorm, blowing dust and other harsh conditions.

2. High security, set the phase sequence protection, leakage protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, over voltage protection, over-temperature protection, high and low voltage protection, high water temperature protection, low oil pressure protection, abnormal air supply protection, and automatic fault stop, fault diagnosis and pre-protection and other protective measures.

3. Advanced design, stepless variable capacity cooling system design, inverter type high static pressure blower, airflow & air pressure meet the requirements of different types of aircraft.

4. High-precision air supply, all of the compressor, high pressure blower & electric heater are stepless adjustable, in use of advanced PLC controller and fuzzy PID control scheme, so that the control accuracy of air supply temperature as ± 0.5 ℃.

5. Multi-function, mains supply switching function, the supply air temperature and cabin air temperature control switching function, operating parameters record, precise control function for only ventilation mode.

6. In use of advanced sound absorption technology for acoustic noise, noise as 85dB (A), lower than the standards of 90 dB (A), to meet the comfort requirements of the internal and external environment of the cabin.

7. Refrigerants R407C or R410a etc can be used, energy saving and environmental protective.
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