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In-Room precision air conditioner (Link-Wind Series)

In-Room precision air conditioner (Link-Wind Series)

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Link-Wind series precision air conditioner with the advantages of high efficiency, energy-saving, safety and reliability, intelligent control, compact structure and advanced techniques, which fully satisfy the cooling requirements of modern data center.

1. High Efficiency and Energy Saving
-Optimum design of heat exchanger and air duct by CFD, high efficiency and low resistance for heat and mass transfer
-Pleated G4 pre- filter filter with big surface area, large capacity and low resistance
-Classified refrigeration system design, intelligent cooling capacity adjustment
-High precision PID Damper (chilled water type)
-High COP compliant scroll compressor
-High-efficient and low-noise unhoused fan (Sinking Design)
-Stepless Speed Scythe Condensing fan
-Complete intelligent control system ensures dynamic optimization
-Varieties of extended energy- saving functions:
     -Freon pump / glycol free- cooling function
     -Dual- cooling source function
     -Stepless speed EC fan
     -High- efficient inverter compressor
     -High- precision electronic expansion valve
     -Use high- efficient and eco R410A refrigerant

2. High Reliability
-365 days 7x24- hour uninterrupted operation design
-All parts are tested and inspected strictly
-Safe and reliable PTC electric heating and far- infrared humidification
-Complete alert protection and auto diagnosis function
-In conformity with safety regulation, EMC and CE certification

3. Advanced Technique
-ISO quality management and lean production (TPS)
-Manufacturing techniques for IT equipments
-Fine and decent black cabinet matches data center perfectly
-High- strength frame is suitable for sea, land and air transportation

4. Easy Maintenance
-Front maintenance design
-Compressor intake and exhaust port adopts easy maintained ROTAL- LOCK nipple
-Fan and motor direct- connected integral design, no need to change belt
-Far- infrared humidifier operates with free maintenance

5. Intelligent Management
-Human-machine Interface Design
     -7"LCD touch panel
     -Humanized design, one- touch operation
     -Component color image is dynamically displayed
     -Temperature and humidity data are displayed by Trendchart
     -Store and display maximum 400 alert logs
-Alert Protection
     -Complete automatic protection and alert function
     -Auto diagnosis
     -Full parameter measurement and adjustment
     -Auto restart
     -Water- leakage detection
     -Lightning protection
-Teamwork Control
     -Standard RS485 communication interface and model- bus communication protocol
     -Teamwork control for maximum 32 units
     -Data backup, tuning and cascade to avoid race runnin
     -Disaster recovery monitoring
     -GPRS SMS auto send function

6. Room Saving
-Compact and modular design
-Save installation area and maintenance space as much as possible
-Modular design ensures convenient disassembly for transportation and on- site assembly
-Single module only covers an area of 0.9㎡ and 1.8㎡ for maintenance.
-Cooling capacity per unit area reaches 70kW/㎡ maximum

7. Adaptable to different application environments
-Wide range cooling capacity
-Applicable to operation ambient temperature range - 40 ~ +55℃
-Various air supply and return modes
-Varieties of pipe inlet and outlet modes
-Varieties of power supply designs
-Long- connecting pipe and high- drop designs
-Far- infrared humidifier applicable to varieties of water conditions
-Eco designs in compliance with ROHS, REACH and etc.
-CE, UL and TUV certificates obtained
-Quick response to market with flexible customized solutions

Data Center
Telecom Room
Computer Room
UPS and Battery Room
Industrial Control Room 
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