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swimming pool dehumidifier
swimming pool dehumidifier
  • swimming pool dehumidifier

Swimming pool dehumidifier

Air Flow (m³/h): 6000~55000
Cooling Capacity (kW): 37~336
Heating Capacity (kW): 44~399
Dehumidifing Capacity (kg/h): 20~200
EER: 3.10~3.37
1. Energy efficient: With the switching mode of cooling and dehumidifying, comfortable dehumidifying, swimming pool heating + cooling dehumidifying and ventilation, etc, powerful function, energy-efficiency, especially in the mode of pool heating + cooling dehumidifying, the unit comprehensive energy efficiency ratio is 10;

2. Anti-corrosion and durable: Air-cooled heat exchanger fins can be electrophoresis, copper fins or hydrophilic pure epoxy anti-corrosion treatment, the highest level of corrosion is C5-H level, a water-cooled heat exchanger titanium alloy tube, effectively resist the water chloride erosion;

3, Easy to use: The new touch-screen buttons and Chinese dot-matrix multi-function controller, capable of autonomously temperature controlling and humidity, automatically switching in a variety of modes;

4. Stable performance: Key components selected domestic and international famous brands;

5. Smooth drainage: Unit in-built with two-stage drainage measures to eradicate the inner wall of the unit water, water reservoirs, and then sweep to clean water, to eliminate filth;

6. Safety and environmental protection: In use of R407C or R410A environmental friendly refrigerant, to protect the ozone layer.

Applicable to large and medium indoor swimming pool of club, resort and gymnasium.
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