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water cooled chiller supplier
water cooled chiller supplier
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Water-cooled chiller for ship

Cooling Capacity (kW): 11.6~800
Shenling water-cooled chiller for ship is the refrigeration devices used to provide medium cold water and medium hot water for the air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and special equipment of each ship cabin. Units are in use of environmental friendly refrigerants, features as "green", "low noise", "energy efficiency" and etc, suitable for harsh environments like sea salt spray, mold, humidity and etc, it has unique advantages in corrosion-resistant, anti-tilt swing, anti-vibration design. Unit with beautiful appearance, novel design, compact structure, convenient operation, high intelligence, stable operation, safe and reliable, easy maintenance and so on, the unit design, manufacture, inspection are all according to "CCS" norms and "ship" and other relevant standards execution, which are widely used in various boats, passenger ships, cargo ships and offshore oil platforms and other places.

Units are mainly equipped with whole-sealed compressor, tube type heat exchangers, plate heat and electrical control box and other components, the main components selected for the systems are major world-famous brands, which can ensure excellent performance, reliable control , remarkable energy saving effect.

Unit are in various forms, cooling capacity ranges from 11.6kW to 800kW, to meet the requirements of different places, at the same time special specifications of the products can be designed and manufactured according to user needs.

Applicable to various boat, passenger ship, cargo ship and offshore oil platform, etc..
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