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Shenling Shined in The 13th China-Asean Expo 2016

Shenling Shined in The 13th China-Asean Expo 2016

The 13th China-Asean Expo 2016 was held in Nanning city of Guangxi, China from Sep. 11-14, Shenling took part in the Expo and exhibited at the booth No.B1A51. 
During the Expo, Shenling has presented her competitive products such as PCA, ICT and VOCs etc. The products of Shenling has attracted lots of customers from home and aboard and received a favorable response because of the high performance and advanced technology. 

Generally speaking, the exhibition was in great success, and shined with his edge technology in various fields. As the leading manufacturer in professional and special air conditioners, Shenling will continuously support his customers by developing high quality products and providing excellent services. Also, Shenling will continuously focus on the technology innovation so as to create a better environment. 
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