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Pre-conditioned  air unit

Pre-conditioned air unit

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Air Flow (m³/h): 5500-8000
Cooling Capacity (kW): 102~487

Shenling Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA) Unit is an elaborately designed and manufactured product developed by GUANGDONG SHENLING ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS CO., LTD. with years of experience in design and production. On the base of similar products at home and abroad, the unit has been developed with advantages of small size, high efficiency, lower noise, long life and easy operation, which matches requirements to run for full-day all year long.
Currently, PCA unit has already been an essential airport ground facility. PCA unit is driven by electricity and works with direct evaporating refrigeration cycle and air-cooling technology. It can replace Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) of aircraft to provide fresh air and comfortable environment with appropriate temperature and humidity to aircraft cabin through air hose. Comparing with APU, PCA unit operation cost is 80% less with the same effect. Besides, it can significantly reduce air pollution around airport. Thus, it is widely adopted by customers all over the world.
GUANGDONG SHENLING ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS CO., LTD. is the first company to design PCA unit according to new industry standards and successfully passes the quality and consistency test by authorized organization in China. Shenling PCA unit has been successfully installed and used in Beijing Capital International Airport, Kunming International Airport, Changsha Huanghua International Airport, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport and etc. Shenling PCA unit is highly complimented by the customers for its good and stable performance. 


1、Energy Saving
Before launch or during maintenance,aircraft needs power and compressed air for air conditioning in cabin. But it costs a lot with APU system by burning expensive aviation fuel. Besides, exhausted air emission, such as CO₂ from fuel burning, causes pollution to airport. 
Shenling PCA unit has passed authorized organization test and obtained the qualification certificate from Civil Aviation Administration of China. With higher energy efficiency and better performance, Shenling PCA unit has reached the leading level.
According to basic calculation, for an aircraft with air conditioning supplied by APU, the fuel consumption per hour is 4.88 times of Shenling PCA unit combined with boarding bridge. Take Shenling 60 USTR PCA unit as example, it can save 214 tons aviation fuel, which is equivalent to 314.9 tons standard coal, comparing with APU System. Also, nearly 1200 tons exhaust gas from aviation fuel burning when aircraft is on ground, including CO₂, NO, N₂O, CO, can be reduced per year. It means the customer can be benefited from Shenling PCA unit’s energy saving and environmentally friendly features. The PCA unit can save much more energy than APU System. Aircraft air conditioning cost can be reduced before launch or during maintenance, because it is not necessary to switch on APU System, PCA unit can be used instead and this extends APU System service life.

2、Adaptable to different environments
- Outlet air temperature is lower than 2℃
- Wide output cooling capacity 105kW~385kW
- Wide working temperature -20~60℃ for different climates
- Use R22 as standard refrigerant. Other eco refrigerants are optional, such as R407C, R410a, R134A and etc.

The high reliability represents various aspects of advanced technology, which is based on years’ experience of air conditioner design and manufacture. Through optimized designs, PCA System has multiple functions of safety protection, troubleshooting and alarm for safe operation.
- Compressor

Hermetical scroll compressor of global well-known brand has been used in PCA unit, with advantages of high efficiency, low noise, slight vibration, high reliability as well as long life. The compressor consists of dual or multi systems. With adjustable power function, it can automatically adjust output cooling capacity to save energy.

- Evaporator and Condenser

Both evaporator and condenser are composed of high-efficient copper tube with aluminum fins. They are manufactured by processing equipment imported from USA, with high-efficient heat transfer technology developed by Shenling. The heat exchanger has advantages of compact structure, small size and weight, high heat exchange rate and etc. Evaporator fins are made of hydrophilic corrugated sheets, which effectively reduces water droplets in air flow and improve anticorrosion. Condenser adopts corrugated fins where dust is not easy stick on and this ensures its long service life.

- Fan and motor

High-pressure centrifugal blower and axial-flow condensing fan with high-efficient motor of global well-known brands have been adopted. The blower has advantages of low noise, high pressure, large air volume and high efficiency. It is equipped with frequency converter to change air volume and pressure to satisfy the needs of real situation, so that one boarding bridge can serve for different aircrafts. Axial-flow fan motor with protection IP54 is dust-proof and splash-proof. Thus, the blower operates safely and reliably.

- Use famous main refrigerating components with excellent performance

Main components, including expansion valve, dry-filter, solenoid valve, sight glass, high-low pressure protector and etc., are selected from global famous brands, which guarantee high performance and stable operation of the whole unit.

- Anti-corrosion

Anti-corrosion treatment enables the unit to work in airport outdoor environment. 

4、Intelligent Control System
Shenling PCA unit can automatically and accurately adjust its cooling capacity according to temperature and thermal load required by aircraft cabin to save energy. PCA unit electrical system is reliable. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is from global famous brands with advanced technology. Control panel is made of imported LCD. Interface is friendly and easy for operation. Multiple safety protections have been set in controller for safe and reliable operation. Pre-set standard RS485 communication interface allows remote monitoring, unmanned and network controls. 
PCA unit can be equipped with a network accounting system developed by Shenling. Through computer control, total expense of air conditioning with 400Hz electric power can be displayed on screen. It not only simplifies manual calculation, but also records data and expense automatically and objectively.                                                                            

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